8 Things My Grandmother Taught Me Before She Died

The beauty of the Black family, since arriving on these shores, has been multi-generational families and extended communities to comprise your village. Grandparents, in particular, are people you saw at least three times a week, if not everyday. The backbone of those families are Black women, and fabulous matriarchies. My lineage is no different. My grandmother was my favorite person on earth, and before beginning a nine-year battle with Alzheimer’s and succumbing in 2014, she imparted much wisdom. While making meals and having my hair washed, conditioned, and pressed on lazy Sundays, the lessons I learned sitting at the knee of foremothers were lifelong lessons my mother, now a grandmother herself, and I can’t wait to impart to my daughter. But they are also lifelong lessons to be shared with those that weren’t fortunate enough to be gifted with their own Black grandmother. So, I’d like to share some of mine with you.

The beauty of sitting at the feet of grandmothers is all of the wisdom gleaned from not just their words, but their examples. I learned to be the backbone of my family and my community, and these are lessons to impart not only to my daughter, but to all daughters. Infinite wisdom is to be found in these words. Black grandmothers are oracles.

Life Lessons

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