Two-Toned Cat Has Pair Of Kittens Who Match Each Color

June 20, 2020

A gorgeous blue-eyed, two-toned cat has fathered a pair of kittens in each of his distinctive colors.

cat split kittens colors
@amazingnarnia / Instagram

Narnia is not a chimera cat, yet he has an exact 50/50 split in coloring. Despite only having one DNA, where chimera cats have two, Narnia has fathered a grey kitten named Phoenix and a black one named Prada.

cat split kittens colors
@amazingnarnia / Instagram

Narnia’s owner Stephanie told Bored Panda “Narnia is very well and he loves playing with his kittens.”

cat split kittens colors
@amazingnarnia / Instagram

You can follow Narnia on Instagram.

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