Watch Quarantined Italians Join Together and Sing From Their Balconies to Lift Community Spirits

As more than 60 million Italian citizens are forced to wait out the nation’s COVID-19 outbreak from behind their closed doors, entire neighborhoods and communities are taking to their balconies to lift each other’s spirits with song.

From Salerno and Naples in the south to Turin and Palermo in the north, quarantined Italians have been filmed singing songs and playing instruments with each other from the windows of their homes.

Some of the Italians have led their neighbors through rousing renditions of Puccini opera solos; others have joined together for some triumphant soccer chants; and still others were filmed singing the national anthem.

The spontaneous singalongs even spurred Italian musicians to bring their instruments to the window, from harps and guitars to pots and pans.

Regardless of the musical content, the trend has served as a much-needed morale boost for quarantined citizens across the country.

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