Check Out These Breathtaking Photos of Poppy Field’s First Bloom in Years


These breathtaking new photographs show a sprawling English countryside bursting with color after hundreds of thousands of poppies bloomed for the first time in years.

The landscape is a lush sea of dazzling red flowers against a backdrop of mist gathering over the rolling Worcestershire hills.

The stunning snaps were taken by photographer Verity Milligan on farmland near Bewdley just before dawn of the day after the summer solstice.

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36-year-old Milligan said the poppy field has returned to its former glory after it had been dug up in 2013. The blossoms will only be in bloom for a couple of weeks.

“I got up super early, around 2:25AM, and there was a one-hour drive from Birmingham,” said Milligan.

“There was mist on the valley which was great – we photographers are always chasing mist.


“I looked round to find the best vantage point and then waited for the sunrise at around 4:40AM.

“They have been like this for a good week, but they will probably only be around for another week. They are looking their best about now.


“We have had a lot of rain, so they may well hang around a bit longer than usual.

“There used to be poppies every year. Its a truly magical sight and I was delighted with the result,” she added.


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