‘Coolest Bus Driver Ever’ Halts Pedestrian Accident in London

A chilled out bus driver is being called the “coolest” transit worker in London after he casually stopped a pedestrian collision.

The biker was driving an electric bike through the busy lanes of Oxford Circus in Westminster.

Electric bikes are notorious for being dangerous in the city because their quiet little engines often go unnoticed by pedestrians and other vehicles.

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This particular biker was winding their way between the stopped cars when (at about 1:30 in) a hand can be seen reaching out and waving at the biker from the window of a bus. The biker notices the hand and stops right when a pedestrian was about to wander across the road and into the bike’s path.

The biker and the bus driver then share a silent, but totally cool exchange of gratitude and acknowledgement.

(WATCH the video below)

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