Ethiopia May Have Just Shattered World Record By Planting 350 Million Tree Saplings in One Day

Ethiopia may have just shattered the world record for planting the most amount of tree saplings in one day.

The country of India originally set the record for planting 66 millions trees during a 12-hour period back in July 2017—but now, Ethiopian officials say that they have successfully planted over 350 million trees in a single day.

The tree-planting event was orchestrated by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as a part of his “Green Legacy” initiative to restore natural greenery to the nation.

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According to BBC, UN officials reported that Ethiopia’s forest coverage has decreased from 35% in the early 20th century to just over 4% in the early 2000s.

The prime minister hopes to fight the nation’s deforestation issues by planting at least 4 billion indigenous trees before October.

Thus far, officials say that they have planted a total of 2.6 billion saplings across the nation.

Though the new world record has not yet been officially confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, the prime minister’s office told the Associated Press that the organization has been helping to tally up the final tree count.

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