The 8 Purposes of Being in Business

Title: The 8 Purposes of Being in Business

The Lesson: Why are you in your area of business? What is your motivation and purpose? What do you want to achieve with your business? If you can’t answer those questions, then you may face more obstacles over the course of your career than those who can.

Notable Excerpt: “You are in the dream-making profession. Your job is to look at the people who you are blessed to serve: your clients and your customers. The people who put food on your table every night.”

The Speaker:Robin Sharma’s talks on business have attracted over 750,000 people seeking his unique insight on strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurial mastery – and those viewers are already starting to see results in their personal growth. A best-selling author and motivational speaker, Sharma’s has spent the last twenty years of his career delivering talks to thousands of people all over the world, as well as to the massive corporate workforces of Nike, Microsoft, and HP.

Books: The Canadian speaker has published 11 groundbreaking self-help books, the most notable of which include “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”.

Podcast: Sharma’s first two Mastery classes are totally free to view and you can also download his free Mastery Sessions podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud, or watch his talks on YouTube.

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